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5 Fires is a 5-day design sprint based on a process developed by Google Ventures. We've adapted this proven process to help individuals innovate on their life and work using ideas and tools from design thinking, agile development and permaculture design. This program is a practical and enjoyable way to help you move forward with that big project, new career, start-up business, post work adventure or… whatever you need to start or unstick.

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I couldn't believe what we accomplished in just five days.

After we completed our first design sprint, I felt the need for a big change – to radically redesign the way we produce creative work and serve clients.

I looked at the work we were doing – projects with tight budgets but long timelines. Too many meetings and emails going back and forth for rounds and rounds of changes. Like most creative agencies and consultants we were caught in a seemingly endless cycle of Fear-Delay-Revise. I thought, "Does this really need to be so complicated and take so long?" Turns out it doesn't.

Design sprints mashup design thinking and Agile framework into a radically collaborative, hyper-efficient five-day process. They pull off an amazing trick by making innovative ideas less risky. Plenty of companies, large and small, swear by design sprints, including GV (formerly Google Ventures), where the process was created and tested hundreds of times.

Design sprints are so rewarding and effective we've made them the centerpiece of our creative and strategic work and waved "Fear-Delay-Revise" goodbye.

Once you learn how a design sprint works I'm convinced you'll see possible applications everywhere.

If you're about to start or reinvigorate a complex and important project give us a call and book the most productive week you'll have all year.

Design thinking techniques used in a design sprint create real collaboration.

Designers and Facilitators

You can absolutely run a design sprint yourself as the process is well documented.

That said, most organizations benefit greatly by hiring a design team as well as a facilitator with experience in Design Thinking and Agile frameworks.

Our designers and facilitators bring you an outside perspective; a fresh take on your stubborn old problems. We will augment your team with a variety of skills you may not have inhouse such as: copywriting, graphic design, prototyping, UX design, web development, branding and video. In addition, we will draw from our network of experts to round out your sprint team with specialized skills that might otherwise be out of reach.

Jeff Rabkin
Jeff Rabkin
Creative Director

Featured Sprint Story

An Innovative Approach to Health Care Transparency

The Maryland Health Care Commission serves a broad range of stakeholders across the complex political landscape of healthcare. Our Design Thinking mindset and design sprinting action led to an innovative and tested approach to reporting complex health data to consumers.

Design Thinking for
Non-Profit Action

Nonprofits are a lot like start-ups. Small staff, limited funds and the need to produce important work quickly. Design sprints combine the design thinking and agile methodologies used by fast-growing and successful businesses to create innovative new products and improve their users' experiences without risking precious time and money.

Video story telling
in 5 days

Our video sprint process allows the creative team to be more innovative and make videos that are engaging and entertaining at a fraction of the cost of typical production processes.

  • "They know how to work with the complexity of an academic institution... They really get higher education."
    Katie Busch
    Emory University
    Assistant Dean
  • "They offer exceptional creativity, insightfulness, they really understand. They get to the root of what we're trying to get to."
    Mark McNitt
    CEO, Founder, Inventor
  • "There's a trust factor there, knowing the people behind the work, and knowing that they're going to deliver."
    Suzanne Block
    Famous Daves
    Senior Production Manager

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